My Favorite Songs in 2021

        Happy New Year 2022 guys! I know it's been hard for all of us going through in these past years but yeah, another year has passed! I wish you guys get more healthy, a lot of money, and opportunities! So ya just like the title, today I'm gonna do a recap of my favorite songs in 2021 so without further ado let's get to the list!

1. Boa - Better

I first heard about this song from Street Woman Fighter. Actually, I didn't follow the show but sometimes I like to watch the cut version of the show. The video I talk about is the video of WANT & YGX dancing to Boa Better + Eat You Up. I've heard about Eat You Up but I have no idea about Better. So I begin to search about the song and begin to know that the song is still recent (released in 2021) and the choreographer of the song is Lachica (Rian/Gabee/Simeez)! Maybe you guys might know them because of SWF but actually, they have also often worked with Chungha since her debut era. Stay Tonight is definitely my favorite! It also become one of my favorite songs back then in 2020.

2. Keshi - Beside You

If you read my last year's playlist, then you might know that I loveeeeee Keshi's music. Beside You is is his first single of 2021. The lyric tells about someone who is denials about her relationship that didn't work out meanwhile there is someone who keeps staying beside her all the time. Because this song become a hit on Spotify, finally he's getting the recognition he deserves, he is now appearing in Genius! I'm so proud of him😭

3. Earth Patravee - is it you? (ห้ามใจไม่อยู่)

Actually, when the first time this song was released I'm not into this song because idk maybe because I just listen to it briefly not the whole song. But because this song is often used in some kind of TikTok video of my cp which is โจวจาง/YZL now I begin to love this song lmao😂 The MV reminds me of "Baek Yerin - Bye bye my blue" because of the editing style. Overall it's a really sweet song! You can read the translation of the song here.

4. PUNYARB - Question (คําถาม)

Actually, I just know him from my friend who really likes him. Pun is a High Cloud Entertainment's new artist who just debuted back then in July 2021 with the song Kryptonite. At first, I didn't even know this song exist😂 Because you know... what I know is only his debut song with High Cloud. My friend asked me to make the lyric so yeah in order to make the romanization I need to listen to the song too right? So yeah I listened to this song and I love this so much! I'm liking his past work more than the actual debut song.

5. Nont Tanont - Are you sure (แน่ใจไหม)

6. Nont Tanont - Lean (พิง)

7. Nont Tanont - Unniversary (วันครบเลิก)

Basically, I would say that as for me, 2021 is Nont Tanont's year. I listen to Nont Tanont's songs a lot in 2021. Actually, I know that he is a good singer but back then I don't really know his song. The only song of him that I know is just เจ็บที่ยังรู้สึก original soundtrack of U-PRINCE. As far as I know, he released 3 songs in 2021 and I'm so in love with all of these. He really doesn't have any bad songs.

8. Tilly Birds Feat. MILLI - Just Being Friendly (เพื่อนเล่น ไม่เล่นเพื่อน)

In 2020 I just got to know Tilly Birds absolutely because of "Same Page" which is their hit song at that time. Therefore 2021 was the first time I'm waiting for their comeback!!! When the first time I listen to their teaser of Just Being Friendly I'm really excited because they also featuring with Milli!!! I was surprised too because one of the protagonists in the mv is Brave (I like him since First Anuwat - Enough era😂). Just by hearing the teaser, I believe that it's gonna be lit for sure. And yeah, they really proved us by winning the MAMA as Best Asian Artist in Thailand 2021! Before that actually this song was also sung by P1Harmony in World Pop Live by 1TheK.

9. 4EVE - Test Me (วัดปะหล่ะ?)

10. 4EVE - No One

Test Me is the first 4EVE song that I really like. Because actually, I'm not fond of their concept for every main song they had because it's kinda badass? sexy or something like that which is really not my cup of tea. I'm liking their b-side track more such as Test Me and No One. Actually Test Me is just sung by 3 members of the group they are Hannah, Jorin, and Aheye. After the song become a hit, later they make the full group version as well. Actually, Test Me is getting more popular because it's sung by STAYC as well in World Pop Live by 1TheK. I'm so surprised when their song become a hit on Twitter as well. You might see some k-pop edits with Test Me song as the bgm while they also add hangul subtitles on the video. I can't be more proud of them😭

11. Ink Waruntorn - Eyes don't lie (สายตาหลอกกันไม่ได้)

It was released in February and become my favorite song at that time. The music video is cute because we become the protagonist in the story, it feels like we're on a date with P'Ink😂 Besides this song, actually I love to listen to Cloudy by Ink Waruntorn as well which is released in 2017. At first, I'm not into the synth-pop genre of music but because of her now I become one lmao.

12. Chungha - Killing Me

The last song that I listened to a lot in 2021 is Killing Me by Chungha. Actually, when the song was first released I'm not into this song because it felt different from other Chungha's MV because they didn't include any dance in the MV. But then in December this song is popped up again on my youtube and then I rewatched it, then I begin to like it lmao. Sadly in the MV, they don't provide us with eng sub so I search the color-coded first to get to know about the lyrics. It turns out that the lyric really describes my situation at that time omg. The song is just like seeking for freedom, bored of something, such a good song to starting new, just like waiting for new year new me resolution. So ya it became the latest song that I like in 2021.

Okay, that's all for my favorite songs in 2021. Just like what I said in last year's post, I am really into T-Pop now😂 It's kinda different from last year's post. In the latest post, I just put the list without explaining anything because I'm too lazy for that. Now I'm doing some effort for this one lmao. Thanks to all of you guys who supported me and this blog up until this time. It really means a lot to me. Happy New Year! Wish you loads of success and tons of happiness💖

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