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Hi guys! Welcome to T-Pop MV Review Corner!

I'm thinking about making an mv review per week, but I'm still not sure tho if I really can do it or not lol. Anyway! It's a challenge for me so I'll try my best! For the review, I'll more focused on an mv that has a storyline in it, so there'll be a lot to talk to because actually, I'm not good at words. Please look forward to my review and don't forget to left a comment! Thank you! 🤍

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Ink Waruntorn (อิ้งค์ วรันธร) - Erase (Eng)

Ink Waruntorn (อิ้งค์ วรันธร) - Erase (in Bahasa)

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Aueyauey (CF No CC), NINEW (Safezone), dan First Anuwat (Enough) (in Bahasa)

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