Fluke Gawin - Sweet but Naughty Ost. The Warp Effect [Lyric]

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Take me back to the past
When I met my first kiss
All those times
I got off track
Still haunts me to this day

I shouldn’t have loved you
Now none of my love is true
Oh I thought I could’ve replace you
Thought I was tough enough
One too many mistakes
Kept on pushing you away
Now there’s no one to go chase

I like them sweet but naughty
With dimples on their cheeks  
I bet you taste like berries 
Oh how could it be oh yeh 
Hella cute in the daylight 
All over me after midnight 
Oh yeh 

You got me so hooked on you 
Hoo hoo hoo hooked 

Don’t look back in my past 
Those times that were forgotten 
I thought I was a better man

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