[LIST] Lyric Full Album BTS Dark&Wild [Hangul, Romanization & Indonesia Translation] + DL


 Track List: *Akan segera di update 
01. Intro: What Am I To You "Click Here"
02. Danger "Click Here"
03. 호르몬 전쟁 [War of Hormones] "Click Here"
04. 힙합성애자 [Hiphop Lover] "Click Here"
05. Let Me Know "Click Here"
06. Rain "Click Here"
07. BTS Cypher PT.3: KILLER (Feat. Supreme Boi) 
08. Interlude: 뭐해 [What Are You Doing]
09. 핸드폰 좀 꺼줄래 [Can You Turn Off Your Phone] "Click Here"
10. 이불킥 [Blanket Kick]
11. 24/7=Heaven 
12. 여기 봐 [Look Here]
13. 2학년 [2nd Grade]
14. Outro: 그게 말이 돼? [Does That Make Sense?]